MACt Premix GFRC (20kg)

MACt Premix GFRC (20kg)


MACt Premix is a unique blend of Sand, Cement, Silica Fume and Admix, giving you High Performance Concrete.  


  • Consistent results every time
  • Save time in weighing up several individual materials
  • Use in either your Face Coat or Back Coat
  • White base to make true blacks and more vivid colours
  • Use part bags if needed


  • Weigh out required amount of MACt Premix
  • Add colour pigment if required
  • Add 2.76kg of water (approx. 0.28 W/C ratio) per 20kg bag
  • Mix thoroughly for 3-5 mins
  • Use MACt Plasticiser to get consistency required
  •  Add fibres if required


Hint: In hot weather for extra work time replace up to 50% water with ice (by weight) or use Trinic's Hydration Stabiliser (retarder)

Coverage: 1sqm @ 10mm (Average coverage)