Sundström SR99-1 Airline Filter

Sundström SR99-1 Airline Filter


Clean odourless air

Filters raw supplied air

The filter unit produces breathing-quality air from ordinary compressed air. The unit consists of a regulator, pre-collector and main filter enclosed in a sheet steel chassis. The filter can be used standing on the floor or wall-mounted. The pre-collector, which has pressure-controlled/manual drainage, separates out coarse particles, water and oil. The inlet pressure is 6–10 bar.


— Removes oil, water, pollutants and smells
— Heavy-duty filters: 2 x P3 (particles) and 1 x A3 (organic gas & vapour)
— Up to 3 outlets
— Robust, rugged construction
— Stand on floor or mount on wall
— Water & oil trap before filter
— Easy to change filter
— Filter lasts up to 6 months