V-Rod Reinforcing Bar- 6mm x 6m

V-Rod Reinforcing Bar- 6mm x 6m



One of Most Remarkable Evolutions since the Beginning of Reinforced Concrete.

V-Rod: A Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer reinforcing bar that replaces black, galvanized and stainless steel rebar in concrete that demand durability.

V-Rod rod will never rust or corrode and offers 150 to 200 years guaranteed life in your concrete structure, peace of mind for engineers and asset owners alike.

One of the biggest issue faced today by asset owners is how to fund the repairs of structures that have decayed to due corrosion of rusting steel rebar, be it once galvanized or not. With this in mind, the question has to be asked, if we can’t afford to rehabilitate the current decay assets be it public or private, we would we then continue to build with the same methodologies for future generation to repair when there is a solution at hand?

V-Rod is a fully engineered system that is backed by research and more than 15 years in the field in structural applications.

The V-RODTM products offer the following features / benefits when compared to steel rebar:

  • CORROSION RESISTANCE – will not rust, and are impervious to the action of salt ions, chemicals, and the alkalinity inherent in concrete.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – weigh approximately one-quarter the weight of an equivalent size steel bar, offering significant savings in both placement and use.
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC NEUTRALITY – contain no metal, and will not interfere with the operation of sensitive electronic devices such as medical MRI units or electronic testing devices.
  • THERMAL INSULATOR – highly efficient in resisting heat transfer, such as from building exteriors to interiors.