Olmurtech Tec7 Cleaner and Degreaser 500ml

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Universal cleaner and degreaser
Making perfect adhesion possible with this adhesive cleaner

The Tec7 cleaner is the perfect partner for X-tack7 & Tec7. This safe solvent adhesive cleaner ensures a grease-free substrate to which perfect adhesion is possible.

Tec7 Cleaner is the ideal adhesive cleaner for:

– Finishing adhesive edges. joints and seams
– Degreasing and cleaning tools and workshop equipment
– Removal of old stickers and residues
– Perfect for degreasing ferrous and non-ferrous metals
– Removes uncured X-tack7 and Tec7
– Acid-free adhesive cleaner




  • Spray Tec7 cleaner on the surfaces to be bonded and rub them dry with a clean cloth.
  • Then allow the cleaner to evaporate completely before bonding the materials.
  • If necessary, repeat this treatment.

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Click on the video below to see an example of how the cleaner can be used
The�cleaner in action