Olmurtech Trans Sealant (Inox) 310ml

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Trans7 Inox � Semi-transparent with stainless steel pigments�sealing adhesive

TRANS7�Inox�is a high-quality, semi-transparent sealant. This means that the sealant is transparent in thin layers, but is metallic-coloured opaque in thicker layers. This offers many advantages when sealing (thicker) joints in metallic-coloured materials, or at the lines of transition between different coloured substrates.
TRANS7�Inox�continues to be elastic, watertight and fungus resistant.��Based on MS polymers, offering excellent adhesion and sealing applications. �Additionally,�TRANS7�Inox�offers excellent adhesion, even on damp surfaces.

  • semi-transparent with stainless steel pigments
  • ideal for�stainless, aluminium and any metallic coloured materials
  • overpaintable with most common lacquers
  • good bonding properties
  • can be applied to wet substrate
  • fungus and bacteria-resistant
  • high tensile strength
  • cures without shrinking, resists vibrations and remains flexible
  • does not contain any solvents, isocyanates and totally odourless
  • reflects the colour of the substrate
  • masks thicker cracks
TRANS7�Inox has multiple applications in the building, construction, commerical kitchen, urinal,�airconditioning/ventilation, window framing, sanitary and general maintenance areas.
See Tec7 for applications�User instructions
  • Apply to a clean, dust- and grease-free substrate. Depending on the nature of the soiling, the surface must be cleaned with�TEC7 Cleaner�and/or�Foam7.
  • Apply�Trans7�by hand or air gun (air gun with telescopic piston).
  • Processing temperature: +5�C to + 40�C.
  • Finish off smooth substrates with�TEC7�Cleaner�and porous surfaces and natural stone with�HP7.
  • Always test substrates containing PP, PE, silicones or bitumen for adhesion.