Olmurtech X-Tack Instant Grab Adhesive Grey 290ml

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X-Tack7 � Extreme�bonding without support


Apply, position and forget with this instant grab adhesive.

No messing around with clamps, screws or temporary structures.�You maintain control of all assemblies.

The Tec7 Cleaner is the perfect partner for�X-TACK7.� This safe solvent cleaner ensures a grease-free substrate to which perfect adhesion is possible.

X-TACK7 instant grab adhesive features:

  • The fastest assembly adhesive of all MS polymers
  • Super strong, structual bonding
  • Vibration, impact and shock resistant
  • 100% waterproof assembly and can be painted over with most lacquers and paints
  • Odurless and solvent-free, so it can be used in confined spaces
  • Perfect for vertical bonding
  • Permanently elastic
  • Does not sag up to a 40mm thick joint
  • X-tack7 replaces soldering, bolts, nuts, nails etc and�SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY

X-TACK7 instant grab adhesive uses:

  • Wall and facade covering:�ACM, plaster, natural stone, brick, concrete, aluminum, glass, etc.
  • Sign installation:�ACM panels
  • Ceiling panels:�All thermal panels, synthetic panels, wood, PVC, PUR, etc.
  • Window frames:�Coated aluminium, solid wood, synthetic.
  • Door frames and window sills:�Natural or coated, natural stone, brick, concrete, aluminium, brass etc.� Does not leak.
  • Floor, wall tiles and plinths:�Marble, granite, blue stone, porous materials and earthenware.
  • Roofing elements:�All roofing elements made from wood, steel or in combination with roof covering and lead sheets (excludes bitumen).
  • Construction elements:�All construction elements made from stainless steel, aluminuim, metal, copper, etc.
Click on the video below to see X-TACK7 in action