Trinic VersaColour (118ml Concentrate)

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Trinic VersaColour (118ml Concentrate)

Trinic VersaColour

Pigment based UV resistant concentrate with the ability to disperse in a variety of mediums.

  • Sub-micron nano particled pigment base allows for true colour perception
  • The highest UV resistance available, for use on exterior or interior applications
  • Carrier options include water, acetone, and Trinic LS densifier
  • Penetrates the pores of concrete for a natural variegated look
  • Safe alternative to acid stains, no neutralising necessary, instant colour development.
  • Can be used when polishing a floor
  • Can be used to get a more consistent colour on concrete slabs
  • Available in a broad range of vibrant colours, custom colours are also available.

Color Selection: 

The colour cart contains what we consider to be our “Standard colours” they are simply the most popular but by no means the limit of our capability.

Trinic can make any colour found on the the “Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated” app for your smart phone.

*NOTE* The colour will accurate but may not look like it does on your phone or computer screen. The factors that affect colour on your concrete are limitless.

Packaging and coverage:

  • VersaColour comes in a liquid concentrate which is added to 3.7L of carrier.  For a more intense colour on porous concrete the concentrate can be diluted into 1.85L of carrier.
  • Coverage is 20 to 60 sqm per 3.8L depending on the porosity of the substrate.

Sealer options:

  • Trinic VersaColour requires a topcoat of sealer to lock in the colour.  Water based or solvent based sealers can be used as a topcoat.