MACt Liquid Grout (200Kg)

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MACt Liquid Grout (200Kg)

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MACt Liquid Grout

MACt Liquid Grout mixes with the dust formed while grinding to fill in any of the pin holes, voids, cracks, micro defects and small stone pop out’s that occur while grinding. This creates a denser surface that will polish quicker and easier than a floor that has not had this treatment.

MACt grout will help the surface take in a more even amount of densifier, colour or sealer.

Before using MACt grout it is a good idea to vacuum your floor. This will get all the dust sitting in the holes out. MACt Grout will give the best results when applied evenly across a floor. It is best practice to dampen the floor first. This will allow the grout to not draw into the surface and mix with the dust created while grinding. It is recommended to use Soft bond 100- 150grit to get best results.

For a very soft floors it is recommended to use MACt Blended densifier 24 hours before to harden the surface before this treatment. As the floor is soft you may open up as many voids as you fill.