MACt Admix (1Kg)

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MACt Admix (1Kg)

MACt Admix is a multi functional all in one concrete admix for production in Ultra High Performance concrete. MACt Admix was designed by our in house Cement Chemist.

This MACt Admix is designed to help your concrete mix in several very important ways.  

  • Water Reducing Agent

  • Cure Modifier

  • Deafoming Agent

  • Anti Shrinkage

  • Ultra Performance

  • Mixing Aid

  • Reduces Crazing

  • Reduces Curling

MACt Admix is designed to be dosed at 3% of the cementitious content of your mix at a 0.28 water percentage.

MACt Admix  is recommended to be used with MACt Plasticiser.