MACt Concrete Retarder Pro (5KG)

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MACt Concrete Retarder Pro (5KG)

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MACt Concrete Retarder Pro (5KG)

MACt Concrete Retarder Pro is a hydration stabilisers that is used to slow down the concrete set times. MACt Concrete Retarder Pro has been designed to provide extended control on concrete set times. MACt Concrete Retarder Pro can adjust set times from minutes up-to hours.

With MACt Concrete Retarder Pro, extended work times can be easily measured and replicated giving the user much more control over the mix allowing a lot more flexibility when using in concrete products.

MACt Concrete Retarder Pro will also increase the effectiveness of air reducers in the mix by up-to 18%.

How MACt Concrete Retarder Pro works?

Organic bonding agents used in MACt Concrete Retarder Pro, coat the hydrating cement which blocks the water from further hydrating the cement. This can significantly increase the work time of cement.

Difference between MACt Retarder and Retarder Pro?

MACt Concrete Retarder Pro is a hydration stabiliser whereas MACt Retarder is a general concrete retarder. MACt Concrete Retarder Pro will give you more precise control over the phase of retardation that it specifically targets and will allow the final set time to be more predictable.

Dosage Rates:

Recommended dosage is 0.03g per kg of cement will typically give you a 30 minute delay in initial set time.


Store in original packaging, protected from direct sunlight, in a cool and well ventilated area.

Shelf Life:

1 year