MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow White (56 bags)

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MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow White (56 bags)

  • MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow (56 Bags)


    MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow  is an economical casting mix for GFRC production, construction casting and general duty. MACt Flow Premix Cement  is manufactured by MACt at their Queensland Manufacturing Facility. MACt Flow Premix Cement has been designed to be used in any application where High-Performance Concrete is needed.


    MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow  is used for custom manufacturing GFRC furniture, architectural panels, three-dimensional art, street furniture and bench tops, bath tubs and sinks, where normal concrete won’t meet the performance requirements. The formulation is supplied ready mixed requiring addition of accurately measured potable water, Alkali Resistant Fibre, and admixtures as required to produce a high strength, dense and flexible concrete.


    MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow  is a cost effective, time saving general GFRC concrete with the following benefits:

    • MACt Flow Premix Cement contains no crystalline Silcia- SILICA FREE
    • Enhanced early strength with high ultimate strength and low permeability ensure the durability of the hardened premix
    • Can be dry packed, rammed, trowelled, poured or pumped.
    • Pre-packaged material overcomes potential on-site mixing variations
    • Develops high early strength.
    • No metallic iron content to cause staining
    • Admixtures for customised results.


    MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow is a general purpose Pre blended High-Performance Concrete mix and is supplied ready to use in 20kg sacks.

    • Add all the required water to a mixing vessel, add half of the powder and mechanically mix for three minutes. Add the second half of the powder while mixing and continue to mix for a further three minutes until smooth with no lumps.
    • The storage, handling and placement of MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow must be in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • In hot weather for extra work time replace up to 50% water with ice (by weight) or use MACt Retarder. Acclimatize all ingredients in a cool place for 24 hours before use.
    • In Cold Weather, warm water can be useful to reduce setting times. Acclimatize all ingredients in a cool place for 24 hours before use.
    • MACT approved release agents must be used in conjunction with MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow and as per manufacturers instructions.
    • Pour or pump mixed MACt FLOW into prepared moulds and vibrate accordingly.
    • Curing must be done in a high humidity environment or by covering moulds with wet rags and plastic sheet.
    • Ambient temperatures will effect MACt GFRC Premix Cement – Flow as it would any other cement based mixture.