Trinic Stage II Blended Powder Hardener / Accelerator (4kg)

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Designed to increase early strength gains without effecting initial set. Concrete goes through three distinctive hardening / curing stages. During the first stage little or no strength is gained. During the second stage as much as 1,000 psi per hour in strength gains can be realized. During the third stage strength gains of 50 psi per hour happen. Ordinary accelerators start working the second they contact the cement, shortening the working time of stage one.


• Blended powder hardener / accelerator admixture formulated specifically for the production of high performance thin section concrete • Increases the early and ultimate strength of concrete • Offsets the retarding effects of high Plasticiser dosages while reducing pozzolan strength lag • Delivers excellent results in normal and cool conditions where very high next day strengths are required • Curing times and heat requirements are significantly reduced while concrete quality is improved • Does not contain calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chlorides and will not initiate or promote the corrosion of reinforcing steel • Less chance of warpage, curling, or cracking • Increases strength gains as much as 50% overnight

ASTM TESTING Stage II accelerator has been tested in accordance with ASTM C494 Type S (Specific performance admixtures) and has met all the requirements defined in ASTM document “Standard Specifications for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete C494/C494M-13.