Klindex UFO Planetary Countertop Grinder 290 Variable Speed

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The UFO countertop is a versatile planetary polisher ideal for grinding and polishing countertops, stairs, small areas, edges and corners and other narrow areas.

Due to its powerful motor and counter-rotating planetary it is possible to grind and polish marble, granite and concrete.

The machine is a class above current planetary countertop tools that are hand grinders retrofitted with a gear case to create a planetary effect but lack durability. These traditional hand grinders have a short life and are plagued by overheating motors and weak plastic gearing that melt with heavy use.

A much higher level of finish is also achieved by its carefully studied planetary speed that makes the polishing process quick and effective whilst the machine remains extremely stable.

The large motor (1hp) directly centered over the planetary gearbox helps this stability whilst providing a higher level of gloss than any other machine of this size and mobility.

Can be used wet or dry, comes with a water tank and exhaust outlet.
Also features an optional handle.

  • Specially designed for grinding and polishing bench tops, edges, countertops and stairs or sanding wooden floors
  • Perfect for Grinding, polishing or achieving antique finishing on marble, granite and concrete.
  • Includes tank, splash guard and kit velcro pad holder
  • Powerful motor and counter rotating planetary.
  • Low noise levels in order to work on any site
  • 290mm working width
  • Variable speed ranging from 600-1300 rpm