Eibenstock Mixing Drill Twin Stirrer 1800 W

$1,405.00 + GST

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  • Mixing clockwise of highly viscous and stiff materials, e.g. tile cement, ready-mixed mortar and plaster, screed, epoxy resins, sealants, granules, multi-component materials, coatings
  • Mixing anticlockwise of building materials with low and middle viscosity, e.g. paint, glue, filler and leveling compounds
  • Drywall construction, tiler, painter and plasterer, civil engineering, floor renovators


  • Two mixing effects simply by switching
  • Two contra rotating stirring rods � no counter torque, easy handling, saves time and effort
  • Electronic switch � dust protected
  • Soft start for less splashing
  • Temperature control
  • Stepless speed regulation and constant speed � optimum settings on the material to be mixed
  • Cap with labyrinth-guide � protection against dust, dirt, stones, splash water