Soroto 100L Mortar Mixer

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The original Mortar Screed Mixers Over 25 years in the market Made in Denmark

The best quality mix you’ve ever seen

  • The SoRoTo 100-L is the best choice if you wish to mix large quantities of material where traditional paddle mixers can only reach the doorway, the SoRoTo Mixer rolls easily through doorways

  • You can take the flexible SoRoTo Mixer with you anywhere you like

  • There’s no need to do it the hard way and carry mixing materials to remote corners SoRoTo’s right on the spot

  • The SoRoTo 100 L with its specialised paddles can mix all materials from sand and cement to self-level epoxies

  • Air entrapment is kept to a minimum

  • Cement and polymer based materials can achieve a perfect homogeneous mix

  • The SoRoTo Mixer is easy to transport and to handle

  • It runs on single phase voltage (240 Volts) and weighs only 75 kg.

Advantages not be ignored!

  • Removable paddles for ease of cleaning, without using tools

  • By tipping the mixer it can easily be loaded onto a car by means of the small wheels

  • Protective – motor switch Start/stop. The emergency stop may always be released without risks for operator, machine or material

  • Contents of bag are poured through charging hopper fitted with bag splitter attachment

  • After 3-5 minutes the perfect mix is discharged through chute at bottom of drum

  • The charging hopper is mounted on hinges and equipped with automatic mechanical switch to meet safety regulations

  • Rubber strap secures the charging hopper during transportation

  • In case of wear you can only need to change one paddle if the others are all right.

Products it will mix:

  • General-purpose mortar

  • Sand/cement renders

  • Cement mortar

  • Concrete with aggregate

  • Facing plaster

  • Fillers

  • Tiling adhesives

  • Tiling grout

  • Dry mixes like paint, whitewash

  • Plasters

  • Self-levelling compounds

  • Terazzo flooring

  • Epoxy systems

  • Concrete repair materials

  • Expanding concrete

Mixing time:

  • 3-5 minutes

  • = max 800 l/h (40 lt)

  • = max 1,200 l/h (60 lt)

  • = max 1,600 l/h (80 lt)

  • = max 2,000 l/h (100 lt)

  • = max 2,400 l/h (120 lt)�

Technical specifications 100 L

  • Voltage:�230 V

  • Motor:�1,1 kW

  • Paddle speed:�30 rpm

  • Drum capacity:�100 litres

  • Actual yield:�97 litres

  • Total height:�125 cm

  • Width/length:�68 cm/82 cm

  • Weight:�75 kg

  • Made in:�Denmark