Soroto 120L Mortar Mixer

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The SoRoTo 120 Litre pan mixer is known worldwide for being the best quality machine and is also the original manufacturer of the pan mixer.

With its specialised mixer arms, this forced action mixer can mix various materials from sand and cement to self-level epoxies. Air entrapment is kept to a minimum. Cement and polymer based materials can achieve a perfect homogeneous mix.

  • Removable mixer arms � makes cleaning easy � no need for tools.
  • By tipping the mixer it can easily be loaded onto a car by means of the small wheels up on the handle
  • Easily adjustable telescopic legs for discharge into bucket or wheelbarrow.
  • Contents of the dry mix bag are poured through charging hopper fitted with bag splitter attachment.
  • After 3-5 minutes the perfect mix is discharged through mixer gate at bottom of drum.
  • The charging hopper lid is mounted on hinges and equipped with automatic mechanical switch to meet safety regulations.
  • Rubber strap secures the charging hopper during transportation.
  • Each paddle is individually removable so in case of wear you can only need to change one paddle as needed.

Perfect for batches of product including;

  • Screeds
  • floor levelling compounds
  • Crumbed rubber
  • Bricklayers Mortar
  • much more