Lanotech Lano-Form (20L)

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Lanotech Lano-Form (20L)

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A ready-to-use, lanolin-based concrete release agent.


• Concrete release agent for formwork, precast and tilt panel

• For use on form surfaces including steel, timber, plywood, plastic & fibreglass

• Bond breaker

• Excellent performance with specialised and geo-polymer concrete

• Extends the life of timber and metal moulds

• Protection of equipment from concrete and paint overspray

• Can be used to lubricate and protect jacks & fittings

• Safe for environmentally sensitive areas and waterways


• Non DG

• Ready to use

• Safe on rubbers and polystyrene

• Non staining

• Compatible with most coating systems


• Shake 20L container before use or decanting

• Agitate 200L drum with mechanical stirrer or air hose system before use or decanting

• Ensure form surface is clean and dry

• Product is ready to use, no dilution is required

• Product can be decanted into spray applicators. Good quality applicators are recommended for a fine, even coverage

• Lano-Form™ can be applied after setting polystyrene block outs


• For best results it is recommended that Lano-Form™ be applied by spray application

• Coverage rate is approximately 20-25m² per litre

• Only a very fine mist is required

• For formwork, ensure a light and even coverage. Only one coat is required

• No cleaning required between pours, simply spray, pour, strip and repeat

• When using as a bond breaker, apply to the top of cured panel in 2 even diagonal opposing coats.

• In extreme heat, the panels can be sprayed with water before Lano-Form™ is applied, this reduces the amount of Lano-Form™ absorbed by the cured panel

Storage and Transport:

• This product is classified as non-Dangerous Goods

• Store in a cool, dry place

• Shelf life is approx. 2 years from manufacture date (See Best Before date label on container)