Sundstrom Basic Box SR-90 Dust Mask M

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This kit is ideal for Spray painting with water bases paint or solvent based paint in open, ventilated areas. Also can be used for spraying organic weed killers, insecticides or using high pressure washers with additives.

P3 Filter: Used against all types of wet and dry particles, such as dust, smoke, aerosols, spray, asbestos, bacteria, viruses and mould. It removes 99.997% of all particles from the air you breathe. Other particle filters with lower filters can not filter out particles to the same extent as your P3 filter.

A1 Filter: Used against organic gas and vapour with a boiling point above +65°C, such as solvents.The filter has regular (class 1) capacity

Dimensions of the box are about 26 cm long, 188 cm wide and 12cm high.

This kit contains:

1 x Half mask SR90-3 (TPE) size M/L

1 x Gas filter A1 (SR 217) [Class 1: suitable for a max concentration of toxic substances at a rate of 0.1 vol. % or 1000 ppm.]

1 x Particle filter P3 (SR510)

5 x Pre-filters (221-1)

1 x Pre-filter holder

1 x Cleaning Napkin

1 x Storage box