Basalt Fibre 30mm (10Kg)

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Basalt Fibre 30mm (10Kg)

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Basalt Fibre 30mm (10Kg)

About Basalt:

• Made of 100% crushed Basalt, a type of volcanic rock

• The rock is melted at 1600°C and then extruded

• Naturally resistant to external influences

• Non corrosive, non magnetic, non conductive

• 4 times lighter than steel

• Used for concrete reinforcement


• Resistant to extreme temperatures

• Increases elasticity to make concrete more resistant to impact

• Non-corrosive

• Prevention of early crack formation

• Resistance to alkali and acids

• Light weight

• Natural product


Melt Temperature 1450°C

Density 2.6 – 2.8 g/cm3

Modulus of Elasticity 70 GPa

Moisture Absorption < 0.1% T Diameter 13μm

Tensile strength 1000 Mpa