MACt Basalt Rebar 8mm x 3m

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Basalt Rebar 8mm x 3m


Basalt fibre is a high performance non-metallic fibre made from basalt rock melted at high temperature

Basalt Rebar 8mm x 3m is an outstanding product for concrete reinforcement. It weighs 4 times less than steel rebar and its tensile strength is 3 times higher. Basalt FRP rebars are manufactured from basalt fibres by pultrusion technology. The surface is profiled and sanded. This kind of surface treatment results in a better adhesion in concrete. Basalt  rebar has the same thermal coefficient of expansion as concrete.

Basalt does not rust or absorb water, so the depth of concrete cover can be reduced, allowing for thinner sections and more flexibility of design.  Nonferrous reinforcement Basalt FRP rebar is easily cut to length with regular tools. Basalt FRP rebar does not conduct electricity or induce fields when exposed to RF energy, great for MRI or data buildings. Basalt FRP rebar is perfect for Marine environments and Chemical plants where corrosion is a continuous concern.

Tensile strength – 1100 Mpa.

Basalt Rebar 8mm x 3m -composite Rebar is available in 4-30mm diameters.

With basalt rebars, the concrete reinforcement contains mainly a natural raw material which does not need a separation after the end of the lifecycle of reinforced concrete.