MACt Pre Seal (1L)

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MACt Pre Seal (1L)

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MACt Pre Seal (1L)


Uncoated concrete is often remarkably easy to stain, this is because the surface is never perfect, even though it has been refined through the processing stage. GFRC does not produce a microscopic flat surface, often the sanding and acid washing leaves scratches and cuts in the surface which are so small you cannot see them. Add these to the ever present micro cracks and there is a huge opening for materials to seep into the concrete creating a stain.  Once a stain gets into the surface of the concrete is it very difficult to extract it without removing the surface of the concrete which has the stain.

Lots of contaminants are able to get into the surface of the concrete and then it is almost impossible to get rid of it. However, there is a way that staining and paint can be removed and this is down to changing the surface of the concrete so that the stain simply does not stick. It’s all about a thing called surface energy, the lower the surface energy the less contaminants and stains want to stick to it. Most sealers are organic meaning they are hydrocarbon based and using a sealer which is hydrocarbon based leads to stuff sticking and creating more chance of staining. Using a silicone sealer lowers the surface energy and hydrocarbons don’t want to touch the silicone so they act as stain repellent.


  • Produces long lasting protection for concrete basins, baths and benchtops
  • Increase stain resistance
  • Increase abrasion resistance
  • Increases shine on a polished surface when burnished
  • UV Stable and will not yellow
  • Quick Application

Application Rates:

Application rates will vary dependent on the porosity of the piece.

Typical Rates:

  • 8-10 Sqm/L 


  • Make sure the piece has been cleaned of all contaminants with a microfibre.
  • Using a sprayer, spray an even amount over the piece
  • Use a microfibre to spread this uniformly.