MACt Sealing Kit (1L)

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MACt Sealing Kit 

Includes – MACt Pre Seal 1L, MACt Seal 1L & MACt Final Coat 1L


MACt Seal is a two-component urethane acrylic hybrid twin system cross linking resin system with an additional final coat option – “MACt Seal Final Coat” with this sealer which bonds a silicon repellent layer to your sealed product. The final cured film is colourless and non-yellowing. Developed to have a very high scratch resistance, the coating, once cured, is resistant to a wide range of contaminants.   


  • The base to activator ratio is 16:1 by volume.
  • Weight or measure out the correct activator amount for the base amount desired. Add the activator and stir until fully dispersed, approximately 3 mins. From the moment of adding the activator, you have approximately 2 hours of work time to use up all the product mixed.
  • Apply multiple coats allowing time between each coat to for the film to dry. High humidity conditions will slow down the drying process.
  • There is no need to back roller off the applied coat, but back rolling can be undertaken if desired.
  • Multiple heavy coats will produce a high gloss finish and take longer for the cure mechanism to finally cross link the system.
  • A few thin coats will cure faster but produce a matte finish.
  • If the MACt Seal Final Coat option is to be applied, mix the MACt Seal Final Coat with the normal activator at the same ratio but only mix sufficient to coat the job ONCE
  • MACt Seal Final Coat can be only applied as a final layer, attempting to apply any sealer to this final coating will result in rejection of the application and the Job will need to be mechanically sanded back to the cement before reapplying the sealer system.


  • The special non foaming formulation is designed to be laid down with the minimum of fuss using a foam roller. This system is user friendly and quite user tolerant.
  • MACt Seal Final Coat can be only applied as a single, final layer.
  • Do not apply sealer that has been mixed for over two hours.


Allow 24 hours for the first cross link reaction to take place and 7 days for final hardness to be achieved.