Trinic Tough Finish 2 Gloss (946ml)

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  • Trinic Tough Finish 2

    • Use Indoors or Outdoors / UV stable will not yellow
    • Increase abrasion resistance
    • Increase stain resistance
    • Can be used over most other sealers/ coatings
    • Easy application / Spray / Roll/ Mop
    • Can be spot repaired / Buffed / Re-applied / No stripping needed
    • Anti-skid version available for floors/ stairs and wet areas.
    • Eliminates the need for wax.

    Coverage Rate: 25sqm

    Surface Preparation: Surface must be clean and free of debris, oils, loose sealer or coatings, soap and cleaning residues must be removed prior to application. A test area application is suggested.

    Application: Once surface is clean TF -2 can be applied by pump spray and back roll with a short nap roller or use a paint pad or microfiber mop. For countertops a microfiber pad works well. Spread a thin layer of TF-2 following the suggested coverage rate and allow to dry for about 4-5 hours. Fans can be used to circulate air and expedite the curing process. Avoid over application it will cause a decrease in abrasion resistance and longer cure time.

    Cure Time: Surface should be read y for light traffic in about 4-hour s, full cure is 24 hours.

    Post Application Care: To achieve a high gloss finish use a slow speed buffer and white Scotchbrite or lamb’s wool pad (buffing compounds can assist with the process but are not required) Clean surface with Non-Abrasive, non- acidic cleaner.