Advanced Mould Making – October 27th

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MACt Advanced Mould Making Course

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Advanced Mould Making Course

With MACt commitment to continually support and provide more training in the GFRC Industry we are please to announce our 1 day Advanced Mould Making Course. We have had a lot of feedback from the industry and this was one of the main areas GFRC Manufacturers wanted to learn more about.

MACt and Playdrive will also provide ongoing support to make sure we do anything in our power, to create your success.

Topics Covered:

Introduction to mould design theory (foundational concepts) 

– trowel faces

– Dams and Locks

– Enclosed forms (Sandwich boarding etc)

– Preferred GFRC working thickness’


Traditional overview of mould and industry standards 

– Melamine Base Boards and butt/lap edge forms

– Flat sheet and Float

– Bounding Boxes

– And how and where this stuff is is applied


Overall Process of Mould making 

– Design object & Mould

– Plug masters

– Mould creation

– Mould release

– Pour

– Demould

– Reset of mould


Materials to use  

– Timber

– Urethane / Silicone

– Fibre Glass

– Foam (EPS)

– Steel



– Hand making / hand tools

– 3d printing

– CNC routing

– Hot wire cutters

– Welding



– Design process

– Design tools to use

(CAD systems, types of people to use/employ)


Meet the Trainers

Chris Born

Chris Born, MACt’s Sales & Marketing Director has been in and around the construction industry for well over a decade. Chris has extensive experience in creating and running courses on polishing concrete. Chris a founding director of MACt and along with our Technical Department are driving our innovation and he adds a hands-on approach to working with cementitious products. Chris offers our customers and training participants sound practical advice on any GFRC related topics.

He is usually out and about helping clients and as he says “just getting sh.t done”

Carl Behrendorff

Carl has led an impressive career as a designer and production manager in his 10 years working in the design and manufacturing industry, with 6 of those as the manager of a large GFRC company.  Since that time he now serves as director at Playdrive CNC and plays a major role in the design, manufacturing and operating of Playdrive’s CNC router. Through his commitment to the design process and exploration of manufacturable forms, Carl has helped improve product and project outcomes for numerous clients. Prior to his current role at Playdrive, Carl worked as industrial designer and company manager where he was responsible for all projects from quoting through to project delivery. This led Carl to becoming one of Australia’s top designers within the GFRC industry, working alongside countless architectural firms to deliver innovative and well executed concrete elements. Playdirve is still heavily involved in the GFRC world.

This workshop gives you the skills to take on any complex project ………